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Accreditation of a Foreign Tourist Agency

I. In order to accredit a travel operator to the Estonian Embassy in Moscow for the first time
the director of the travel operator should provide the Consular Section with the following documents:
  1. A written request to accredit the travel operator. In that request please provide us with the information on your tourism product and plans for Estonia (travel programs etc)
  2. outprint from the Russian Travel Operator's Register
  3. specimens of the signatures of the travel operator's authorized representatives and stamps (original)
  4. filled out specimen of the voucher (original)
  5. if there is one – a cooperation agreement with an Estonian tourist agency (original and a copy)

II. In order to register a new Estonian travel agency as a partner to the accredited travel operator
the following documents have to be provided:

  1. cooperation agreement with the Estonian tourist agency (original and a copy) 
  2. filled out specimen of the voucher (original)

Attention! If you are going to use Estonian partner's voucher, please provide us also with the specimens of the Estonian travel agency's authorized representatives and stamps.



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