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Foreign Minister Mikser: the Salisbury attack is not only a dispute between the UK and Russia


Foreign Minister Sven Mikser announced at today’s press conference that Estonia has decided to expel a Russian diplomat.

“As the activities of the employee of the Russian Embassy are not compatible with the diplomatic status agreed in the Vienna Convention, we have decided to expel the diplomat. We informed the Ambassador of the Russian Federation today of the diplomat’s expulsion from Estonia,” Foreign Minister Mikser said.'

„Estonia’s decision is part of a coordinated response of the EU leaders 23 March decision against Russia’s activities and its unwillingness to fully cooperate with the UK on identifying those responsible for the Salisbury attack,” Mikser confirmed. “Salisbury attack is not only a dispute between the UK and Russia, it threatens international security and undermines international law,” Mikser emphasised. Mikser says that the nerve agent attack is a serious crime and Estonia has condemned it.

Foreign Minister Mikser affirmed that the EU agrees with the UK’s assessment that it is highly likely that Russia was behind the attack. “We continue to urge Russia to cooperate with the UK and the international community to identify the individuals responsible for this crime,” Mikser said.


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