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Estonian Ambassador to Russia Presented his Credentials


Estonian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Simmu Tiik presented his credentials to President Dmitri Medvedev on Friday, 16 January.

In his speech to the ambassadors, President Medvedev expressed hope for constructive co-operation with Estonia among other countries, and also addressed the need to improve economic co-operation.

“Relations between Estonia and Russia can be repaired and advanced with the help of practical co-operation, for example by concluding agreements related to the cultural and social sectors,” said Ambassador Tiik.

Ambassador Simmu Tiik was born on 19 February 1959 in Tartu. He completed Tartu’s 1st Secondary School (Hugo Treffner High School) and graduated from the history department of Tartu University. Ambassador Tiik has worked for the Tartu Public Library; since 1993 he has worked in the political planning department of the Foreign Ministry and in the Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen. Tiik has worked as an external advisor to the prime minister and served as the Estonian ambassador to Ireland, and before going to Russia Tiik was the director general of the Foreign Ministry’s 3rd political department.


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