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Estonia Makes Contribution to Reconciliation Process in Afghan Society


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Estonia is making a contribution to the implementation of the Afghan government’s Peace and Reintegration Programme, allocating half a million kroons (31 955 EUR) for the programme.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet noted that the Afghan government’s Peace and Reintegration Programme was approved during the Kabul Conference that took place during the summer. “The goal of the programme is to provide help for the political reconciliation process and for reintegrating rebels into the society of Afghanistan,” said Paet. “The Kabul Conference was where the Afghans confirmed that they are ready, with the support of international aid, to accept responsibility for the future of their nation. We want for Afghanistan to fulfil the promises made at the Kabul Conference, and in the name of this goal Estonia has made a contribution to the international support,” stated the Estonian foreign minister.

At the Kabul Conference in July of this year, Afghanistan stated that it would like to accept final security responsibility for its nation in 2014. Afghanistan is one of Estonia’s four priority development co-operation partners, along with Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. The Foreign Ministry is supporting the Afghan government’s Peace and Reintegration programme with funds allocated from the Foreign Ministry’s budget for development and humanitarian aid, and the contribution was made into the fund co-ordinated by Great Britain.

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