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Estonia Recognises Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan


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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the parliamentary elections carried out in Afghanistan on 18 September are among the first signs that Afghan society wishes to stand up for the development of its own country.

“Yesterday’s parliamentary elections confirmed the Afghans’ desire to accept responsibility for developing their nation. The changes taking place in Afghan society are demonstrated by the fact that among the 2 500 candidates in the parliamentary elections there were 398 women,” said Paet. “Unfortunately the elections did not pass by peacefully and free of disturbances. Now we must wait for the decision of the election committee regarding the scope of election fraud and the final results of the votes,” said the Estonian foreign minister.

Estonia recognises the Afghan government’s endeavours to bring to life the promise it made at the Kabul Conference in July to strengthen the Afghan voting system and the efforts by the Afghan security forces to ensure the safety of the parliamentary elections. “Afghanistan will remain one of Estonia’s four development co-operation partners. Hopefully after the parliamentary elections Afghan society will be more open to accepting what is offered by the development and humanitarian aid workers from other countries, which could be used to improve everyday life and develop social circumstances,” said Urmas Paet.

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