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Paet in Chisinau: Overcoming Domestic Political Stalemate Would Accelerate Growth Towards European Union


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While discussing democratic developments in Moldova with the other European Union foreign ministers, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet noted that the European Union hopes the parliamentary elections in Moldova in November will lead to a solution for the country’s domestic political stalemate. “We are not naïve enough to think that dramatic developments will take place in Moldova overnight, but the changes in Moldova have been noticeable, and we can support the Moldovans as they implement democratic processes in their country,” Paet said, noting that hopes to overcome the stalemate are modest at the moment and require more support.

“In order to develop Moldova’s statehood and democracy, the European Union is offering support within the framework of Eastern Partnership,” said Paet. “Moldova is one of Estonia’s four priority development co-operation partners, so Estonia has offered concrete co-operation programmes for supporting Moldova’s state systems and for developing governing standards,” Paet added.

Moldova is in the middle of Association Agreement negotiations with the European Union, and in June a visa dialogue between the EU and Moldova began as well. Paet stated that developments in the Association Agreement have been rapid. “We can hope that the quick tempo will be kept up in the discussion of visa issues as well,” he said, suggesting that Moldova’s leadership also feels the need for European Union integration. “Integrating with the European Union will also hopefully bring needed economic development to Moldova, which is certainly an important factor in resolving the Transnistria conflict,” Paet asserted.

At the donor conference organised by the European Commission and World Bank in March of this year, Moldova received 2.6 billion dollars for the next four years. Of the financial support, 30% is budgetary support—the support is to be used primarily for building and repairing roads, agriculture, water management, energy, and regional development. In addition, the European Union will give Moldova macroeconomic aid in grants with a sum of 90 million euros.

Foreign Minister Paet and his European Union colleagues met in Chisinau with Moldovan Prime Minister Vladimir Filat and Foreign Minister Iurie Leanca.

Parliamentary elections will take place in Moldova on 28 November.

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