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Foreign Minister Paet in Lisbon: NATO Needs Partners and the Open-Door Policy


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At the Young Atlanticist Summit taking place on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Lisbon, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet spoke to the future leaders of the Euro-Atlantic region about the future of NATO and Europe and emphasised the need to preserve NATO’s open-door policy and promote partnership relations, particularly when it comes to handling new security threats.

“We are firm supporters of NATO’s open-door policy and feel it is important that this principle gets clear approval in NATO’s new Strategic Concept,” said Foreign Minister Paet. The foreign minister added that Estonia continues to support Georgia and Ukraine’s integration with NATO. “We are also happy that Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been given Membership Actions Plans. We also support Macedonia’s accession to the alliance,” he asserted.

Foreign Minister Paet also noted that, like every country, NATO also needs strategic partners, especially when it comes to new security challenges. “In facing 21st century security challenges that do not recognise state borders, the importance of having like-minded partners across all continents has become an invaluable asset,” said Paet.

When speaking about emerging security challenges, Paet said that Estonia has proven its reliability and competence in cyber security. “Two years ago the NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence was founded in Tallinn. In addition to NATO member states, the centre is also open to co-operative relations with non-NATO nations, universities, research institutions, and businesses as Contributing Participants,” Paet stated.

Foreign Minister Paet also highlighted co-operation with international organisations, particularly the European Union and United Nations, as an important issue for NATO. “Co-operation with international organisations is especially needed in Afghanistan so that our joint efforts can be successful,” emphasised Paet. “Addressing the global security challenges of the 21st century like cyber threats, climate change and energy security will become the responsibility of today’s youth,” Paet stated.

The goal of the Young Atlanticist Summit taking place in Lisbon is to give future leaders of the Euro-Atlantic region a chance to meet world leaders and leading security experts and discuss the global security situation and its future.

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