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Estonia Building Playground and Sports Fields for Young Georgian Refugees


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The Foreign Ministry is helping to improve the quality of life of children and youths among Georgian internally displaced persons by continuing to establish playground and sports fields in the villages where they live. The building of playgrounds and sports fields is being funded by 67 141 euros allocated from the Foreign Ministry’s budget for development co-operation and humanitarian aid.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the Russia-Georgia conflict that took place in August 2008 created a surge in internally displaced persons, during which thousands of Georgian families lost their homes. “The situation of internally displaced persons is still very complicated. Children and youths who live in refugee villages lack opportunities for healthful recreational and sports activities,” said Foreign Minister Paet. “We want to help to improve the living conditions of young people. Continuing to build playgrounds and sports fields offers an opportunity for young people to enjoyably spend their free time and helps them return to everyday life,” Paet added.

The project to build playgrounds and sports fields is being implemented by the Estonian Embassy in Georgia. Five playgrounds and four athletic fields are being built in villages in the regions of Shida-Kartli and Mtskheta-Mtianeti, which will be enjoyed by more than 800 young people and children.

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