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Foreign Minister Paet Recognised Estonian Soldiers in Southern Afghanistan


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Foreign Minister Paet met in Afghanistan with the Estonian infantry company at their patrol base in Wahid and the national support element at the Camp Bastion military base. Foreign Minister Paet thanked the Estonian soldiers for their work in improving the security situation in Afghanistan. “By participating in the Afghanistan mission, Estonian soldiers are also making an essential contribution to Estonia’s security and well-being,” said Foreign Minister Paet. The foreign minister presented the soldiers with commemorative kroon coins.

Paet stated that soldiers of the Estonian Defence Forces have earned wide-spread international recognition.

At his meeting with Urmas Paet, Commander of the ISAF Southwest Regional Command Major General Richard Mills said that Estonian Defence Forces members have made a serious contribution to improving the security situation in Helmand Province. “Estonia’s contribution is exemplary,” he added.

At his meeting with the leaders of the Provincial Reconstruction Team stationed in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet confirmed that Estonia will continue making its military contribution in Helmand alongside British units and is also contributing to police training. “To this end, we have sent four police officers to the police training centre in Afghanistan,” said Foreign Minister Paet.

In talking about the future outlook, Foreign Minister Paet emphasised that in addition to creating favourable security conditions for transferring greater responsibility for security to Afghanistan, the transition process must also be supported by developments in good governing standards and reconstruction. “We feel it is essential that the regional evaluations to be carried out during the transfer of security responsibilities must assess the situation in the regions honestly and fairly,” said Paet.


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