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Foreign Minister Paet: European Union Wants Strengthening of Rule of Law in Russia


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The European Union foreign ministers discussed European Union and Russian relations in Brussels and agreed that in future co-operation the focus must be on resolving conflicts in their shared neighbourhood, energy co-operation, economic relations and Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organisations (WTO), as well as Russia’s modernisation and the strengthening of rule of law.

Foreign Minister Paet stated that some important factors in the further development of relations between the EU and Russia are developments in their common neighbourhood and Russia’s willingness to begin resolving the conflict situations in Georgia’s occupied areas and in Transnistria in Moldova. “The European Union must demand that Russia fulfils its international obligations in order to resolve frozen conflicts and restore Georgia’s territorial integrity,” he added.

Paet said that the EU is also devoting serious attention to the promotion of human rights, adherence to the principles of rule of law, and the modernisation of Russia in the broadest sense. “The future progress of the EU-Russia visa dialogue also hinges on this,” he stated.

The European Union foreign ministers also addressed energy-related co-operation between the European Union and Russia. “This must be based on security of provision and adhere to the principles of the Energy Charter Treaty and the laws of the European Union internal market,” said Paet.

In talking about economic relations, the EU foreign ministers emphasised that the EU supports Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as soon as possible, as this would increase security and stability in EU-Russia economic relations. Paet said that it is also essential to do away with the border queues along the EU-Russia border, including on the Estonia-Russia border, and this inhibits both trade relations and the movement of people.

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