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Estonia Supports Environmentally Friendly Development of Ukraine’s Energy Sector


The Foreign Ministry is supporting projects to make Ukraine’s energy sector more effective and environmentally friendly by donating 32 000 euros to the Eastern Europe Energy Effectiveness and Environmental Partnership Support Fund this year.

Energy expenditure per person in Ukraine is close to three times greater than in Central European nations. “The reason largely lies in energy losses, so increasing energy effectiveness is one opportunity for Ukraine to increase its energy security while also reducing its dependence on energy imports,” said Foreign Minister Urmas Paet.

Ukraine is the most important gas transit country for the European Union. For this reasons as well as for reasons of energy security and environmental protection, says Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, it is essential to turn more attention to modernising the country’s energy system. “Ensuring energy security and environmental protection is important not only for our Eastern Partners but also for the European Union,” he stated.

The Eastern Europe Energy Effectiveness and Environmental Partnership Support Fund, created on the initiative of Sweden and the European Commission, is slated to last for five years. Within this time energy sector-related projects will be carried out with the goal of making the energy sector of Ukraine (and in the future those of other Eastern Partners as well) more effective and environmentally friendly. In addition to the Nordic and Baltic countries, others involved in the support fund are the United States, Ukraine, Poland, and the European Commission.

Over five years, Estonia will donate 160 000 euros to the support fund, allocated from its development co-operation budget. Ukraine is one of Estonia’s development co-operation partner states.


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