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Foreign Ministry Recommends Leaving North-Eastern Part of Japan


No. 86–E

The Foreign Ministry is recommending that people not remain in the north-eastern part of Japan in order to avoid the harmful effects of radiation.

Many explosions have taken place at the Fukushima nuclear plant located 250 kilometres north-east of Tokyo, which has increased the radiation levels in the region. We recommend that people monitor the information issued by the local authorities regarding the danger level and follow their instructions on how to stay safe. The instructions of the Japanese Foreign Ministry for people living close to the Fukushima nuclear plant can be found here:

Estonian citizens in need of consular aid should get in touch with the Estonian Embassy in Tokyo by phone at +813 541 27 281 or by email at, or call the Foreign Ministry’s 24-hour consular hotline +372 53 01 9999. We also ask that people call the latter number to inform the Foreign Ministry of any Estonian citizens in Japan that have not yet been in touch with the embassy.

On Friday, 11 March the north-east part of Japan was struck by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that caused a 10-metre-high tsunami and caused a tremendous amount of damage and destruction. Aftershocks continue in many areas, including Tokyo. Infrastructure has incurred significant damage and there are problems with the electrical power supply. We strongly recommend not travelling to Japan at this time.

The Foreign Ministry is monitoring the situation in Japan and will continue to give practical advice when necessary.

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