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Estonia and Denmark Agree That Ending Violence is Primary Goal in Libya


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During their meeting today in Copenhagen, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen confirmed that the international community’s primary goal in Libya is to end the killing and find a political solution to the situation that would allow Libya to begin making changes in order to create a rule of law state.

Paet and Espersen added that sending a representative of the European Union to Benghazi is the next essential step, taking into consideration Libya’s importance as a close neighbour of the EU.

At their meeting Paet also spoke to Espersen about the co-operation taking place to locate the Estonian citizens abducted in Lebanon.

Foreign Minister Paet said that Denmark makes an important contribution to Estonia’s security. “We highly value Denmark’s decision that in the second half of 2011 the airspace of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be guarded by Danish fighter jets,” he added.

Paet and Espersen also discussed the establishing of a Danish cultural centre in the Virgin’s Tower in Tallinn. “Taking into consideration the important role this region plays in Denmark’s history, creating a Danish cultural centre there would be a wonderful idea,” Paet added.

The foreign ministers also spoke about representing one another for the issuing of visas. “In accordance with our current agreement, Estonia represents Denmark for issuing visas in Georgia, and Denmark represents Estonia in Nepal, Mozambique, and Zambia. We could also expand our reciprocal representation, since we would like for it to be possible to apply for a visa to travel to Estonia in any country in the world,” Paet noted.

Paet and Espersen also talked about developments in Afghanistan. “The decision to put Lashkar Gah on the list of the first areas in Afghanistan where responsibility for security will be transferred to the local authorities speaks highly of Estonia and Denmark’s joint activities in that region,” said Foreign Minister Paet. “In order to simplify the transition process, Estonia will increase its development aid and continue to contribute to the training of the police force,” he added.

At their meeting the foreign ministers also talked about European Union enlargement. Foreign Minister Paet said that it is important to continue accession negotiations with Turkey, move forward with accession negotiations with Iceland, and conclude negotiations with Croatia. Denmark will be the presidency of the European Union for the first half of next year.


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