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Foreign Minister Paet and Secretary of State of the USA Clinton Marked 20th Anniversary of Restoration of Independence in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania


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At his meeting in Vilnius today with Secretary of State of the United States of America Hillary Clinton, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet expressed his satisfaction over the mutually supportive, exceptionally friendly, and very unique relations between Estonia and the USA. “Twenty years ago, after overcoming totalitarianism, we promised both our people and our partners a democratic society and security. The United States has constantly advised and helped us is making that happen,” Paet said. “The USA has played an essential role in helping with Estonia’s international achievements,” he added.

Foreign Minister Paet stated that it is now Estonia’s responsibility to stand alongside the USA and other countries in being a supporter and protector of democracy, security and human rights for all the countries in the world that are working towards these goals. “Our common goal is to ensure the development and progress of Afghanistan, help European nations that are carrying out reforms for the good of their citizens, and support Northern African and Middle Eastern countries that are striving for a free society,” added the Estonian foreign minister.

In her speech at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Community of Democracies, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named Estonia as an example of a society where rapid development of information technology supports the development of the state and society through features like e-voting, e-banking, and e-government, to name a few.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis, and Latvian Foreign Minister Girts Valdis Krisovksis together with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton placed flowers by the “13 January 1991 Barricades” memorial outside the Lithuanian Parliament building in honour of the 20 years that have passed since the restoration of the independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.



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