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Meeting of Estonian and Russian Experts to Discuss Potential New Kaliningrad Nuclear Plant Took Place in Tallinn


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Today, 4 July, a meeting of Estonian and Russian experts took place in Tallinn, where they discussed financial-economic, environmental protection, and nuclear safety issues regarding the planned potential new nuclear plant in Kaliningrad.

Participants at the meeting acknowledged that the European Union, including Estonia, and Russia are very closely tied through energy connections. For this reason, constructive and transparent dialogue regarding energy-related issues is extremely necessary, and today’s meeting in Tallinn attests to that.

The Estonian experts acknowledged that both the European Union and Estonia have approved a series of decisions that recognise how important it is to avoid being too dependent on imported energy and emphasise that action must be taken to diversify energy supply sources. These principles are also written into the February 2011 decisions of the European Council and Estonia’s national development plan for energy economy until the year 2020, which has been approved by the Riigikogu.

Within this broader context Estonia has formulated its position regarding the planned potential new nuclear plant in Kaliningrad, and this position was articulated to the Russian representatives. On the technical level it is still unclear to Estonia who the customers of the new Kaliningrad nuclear plant would be and where they would reside. The plant’s planned capacity would clearly exceed the region’s own needs. However, Kaliningrad lacks the infrastructure and the agreements with potential users that would be needed for export. The Estonian experts also confirmed that Estonia’s first choice for participating in a regional project that would provide new energy production capability is undoubtedly participation in the nuclear plant project planned in Lithuania.

If necessary, the Estonian and Russian experts will continue to exchange information regarding the planned potential new nuclear plant in Kaliningrad.

From the Estonian side, representatives from the Foreign Ministry, Environmental Ministry, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and Eesti Energia participated in the meeting. From the Russian side the participants were representatives of the corporation Rosatom and companies working with the corporation as well as representatives of the Russian Embassy.

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