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Estonia Helping Ukrainian Law Enforcement Authorities in Fight Against Illicit Trading of Stolen Vehicles


No. 244-E

Estonia is helping to increase the technical capabilities of Ukrainian law enforcement authorities in order to improve their ability to effectively fight against the illicit trading of stolen vehicles.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that international trading in stolen cars is a complicated type of crime that is characterised by high criminal profits and a low risk of detection. “Criminal organisations use stolen vehicles for money laundering and as a means of payment, while terrorist organisations use them to prepare car bombs,” said Paet. The foreign minister added that due to its geographical location, Ukraine has become a target destination for vehicles stolen from the European Union and North America as well as a transit country to other countries to the east.

The foreign minister stated that the illicit trading of stolen vehicles has a negative influence on Ukraine’s international reputation and on its citizens’ sense of justice and security. “Therefore it is extremely important to support Ukraine’s law enforcement authorities in their efforts to battle this type of crime. As a result of their efforts the illegal profits of criminal organisations will decrease, which will in turn increase the inflow of taxes and also improve the security of the whole region,” he emphasised.

Within the framework of the project, the border guard department of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board will work together with the Centre of Judicial Expertise and Criminalistics of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. With Estonia’s support the economic expertise laboratory of the Centre of Judicial Expertise and Criminalistics as well as 38 regional vehicle expertise offices will be outfitted with special equipment and a Ukrainian-language version of the European Vehicles Identification Database (EuVID).

Estonia is contributing nearly 74 000 euros over this year and next year to help the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities improve their technical capabilities.

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