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Estonian Representations Have Received over 100 000 Visa Applications This Year


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This year Estonian representations have already received over 100 000 visa applications; at this time last year the number was close to 78 000. Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the number of visa applications has grown the most in the Pskov and Minsk representations; in Beijing interest in applying for an Estonian visa has tripled.

“Travel opportunities for people have become simpler with each passing year, and Estonia has also become a more popular destination,” he noted. Paet added that traditionally the number of visa applications increases during the summer months, but also at the end of the year thanks to the holidays and New Year’s.

The Estonian Embassy in Moscow has received 26 690 visa applications this year (15.6% increase compared to 2010), the Estonian Consulate General in St. Petersburg 31 493 applications (27.6% increase), and in Pskov 13 765 applications (54.2% increase). The Estonian Embassy in Minsk has received 14 652 applications (36.7% increase) and the embassy in Kiev 8 786 applications (24.7% increase). The Beijing embassy has received 1 582 applications (nearly tripled).

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