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Estonia Supports European Union’s Long-term Involvement in Building Up Afghanistan


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The European Union along with other members of the international community must participate in building up Afghanistan’s administrative systems and developing the capabilities of its public sector, and these activities will also continue after 2014, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said at the meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Brussels today.

Estonia also feels that the long-term work of the European Union police training mission EUPOL in Afghanistan is very essential. “In 2014 responsibility for security will be given over to the Afghan authorities, but the European Union must remain there after that in order to support the monitoring of local efforts and strengthen rule of law,” noted Foreign Minister Paet.

“Estonia supports the greater involvement of the European Union in Afghanistan,” said Paet. “Today the decision was taken to begin negotiations for a partnership and development co-operation agreement with Afghanistan. This sends a clear message to both the government of Afghanistan as well as other partners regarding the European Union’s long-term and comprehensive involvement in the country,” he asserted.

Paet stated that in order to ensure the long-term stability and development of Afghanistan it is extremely important to develop the economic sector. “This creates a foundation for the longevity of the country,” he confirmed.

“In addition to the international community’s confirmation of its long-time involvement in Afghanistan, it must be clear that Afghanistan is also fulfilling the obligations it has accepted and is working to firmly establish the development steps it has taken so far,” said the Estonian foreign minister. “If the local peoples’ trust in their own government does not grow, our efforts will not make a difference,” he added.

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