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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: Aims of European Development Co-operation Must Be More Clear


No. 364-E

The European Union’s new development co-operation policy will help to achieve better results through giving development aid, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said last night at the meeting of the European Union development co-operation ministers in Brussels.

Foreign Minister Paet said that the European Union’s development co-operation up until now is considered too widely dispersed and fragmented. Estonia supports renewing policies with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of aid as well as its long-term effects. “In order to achieve the number of areas in which the European Union is active will be limited, and focus will be on central issues such as the administrative capabilities and economic development of developing countries,” he stated.

“We also feel it is essential that support continues to be given to areas that are vital to human development, such as health care and education,” said Paet. He also noted that we should keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the European Union’s aid activities is for those countries to grow out of the aid-receiving role.

The Estonian foreign minister emphasised that the member states that joined the European Union in the most recent rounds of enlargement hope to see the vast reform experiences of the newest member states highlighted in the new policy, as they can give added value to the development co-operation sector. “This is why Estonia supports the highlighting of reform experiences in the European Union’s new development co-operation policy,” he noted.

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