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New Budget and Schengen Area Reform Discussed at European Union Home Affairs Council


No. 411-E

The European Union Justice and Home Affairs Council that gathered today in Brussels discussed matters related to the new multi-year financial framework. In accordance with the proposals of the European Commission, over 10.9 billion euros of the EU’s funds will be allocated from 2014-2020 to address migration, external borders, and internal security activities.

In addition, nearly two billion euros is being allocated for information technology, including the IT agency located in Tallinn. “We feel that the goal of the European Union common budget should be to first and foremost finance activities that are not contained by the borders of one member state. A good example is the investment that will be made in the EU’s central IT systems,” stated Estonian Ambassador to the EU Matti Maasikas, who represented Estonia at the meeting. “Estonia feels it is important for resources to be flexibly and effectively used, but the main thing is to achieve added value for everyone, which would not be possible if one were to act alone. Therefore we are satisfied with the Commission’s proposals regarding home affairs issues,” Maasikas noted.

Another topic addressed at the council was Schengen area reform, and it was agreed that there is a need to quickly get the reform moving during the upcoming Danish presidency. For Estonia the most vital issues are the strengthening of external borders and the creation of a mechanism that would allow for border controls to be temporarily restored under exceptional circumstances in order to preserve internal security.

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