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120 Countries Have Joined International Criminal Court


No. 415–E

Speaking to the member states of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in New York yesterday, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that the court’s growing legal activity has led to an increase in the public’s expectations for the court’s work. “In addition, positive examples of co-operation with the court have helped to increase the international community’s trust in the court,” he added.

Paet expressed satisfaction that today 120 countries have joined the ICC, including all of South America, most of Europe, and almost half of Africa. “Consistent growth in the number of member states demonstrates countries’ growing desire to not allow the most serious international crimes to go unpunished,” asserted the Estonian foreign minister.

At meetings with ICC President Sang-Hyun Song and UN Under-Secretary General for Legal Affairs Patricia O’Brien that took place within the framework of the ICC Assembly, Paet expressed hope that more countries would join the ICC in the near future. “We can see how the moral and preventative influence of the court in international relations is growing,” stated the foreign minister.


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