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Estonia and Indonesia Consider Fight against Piracy and Cyber Security Co-operation to Be Important


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In a meeting in Jakarta with Indonesian Minister of Defence Purnomo Yusgiantoro, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet talked about cyber security and cyber protection as well as opportunities for Estonian companies to participate in Indonesia’s defence-related procurements. “We are prepared to share Estonia’s national cyber security strategy and how things work in our country with Indonesia,” he added. Paet stated that in addition to developing its own national cyber security, Estonia also works actively to develop cyber security in NATO, as the NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence is located in Tallinn.

The Estonian foreign minister also spoke with the Indonesian minister of defence about the fight against piracy. “In the fight against piracy, information exchange and co-ordination among nations and various international organisations is essential,” Paet said. He added that Estonia participates in the European Union military mission ATALANTA with a vessel protection unit. “Indonesia’s activities over the last ten years in making the Strait of Malacca safer deserve recognition,” he added.

Paet and the defence minister of Indonesia also discussed the security situation in the Pacific Ocean region and in Southeast Asia.

Paet stated that there are many companies in Estonia that would be interested in working together with Indonesia’s Ministry of Defence and army.

At his meeting with Minister of Communication and Informatics Tifatul Sembiring, Paet recognised Indonesia for belonging to the leading group of Open Government Partnership (OGP). “Open Government Partnership is an innovative idea for spreading the principles of democracy to those countries that are not led by democratic governments. Hopefully it will become an effective means for spreading the principles of rule of law,” Paet stated. “Estonia has used technological solutions to ensure the openness of government and the involvement of citizens, for example through internet banking, a unified state internet portal, electronic ID cards, and e-voting,” he added. Paet also recommended that Indonesia join the Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime, which is the only international agreement in this area and is not restricted only to European countries.

During a meeting with Indonesian Minister of Health Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, Paet spoke about Estonia’s e-Health system, which helps to improve public services. “We are prepared to share our experiences in this area and we welcome Indonesian experts to Estonia to learn more about the system,” he stated.




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