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Epp Maria Kokamägi’s Exhibit Tour Begins Today in Italy


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On 28 February the exhibit of Epp Maria Kokamägi’s paintings entitled “Time of Angels” will open in Genoa, Italy. At the opening, Kokamägi’s works will be introduced by well-known Italian art critic Anna Orlando.

For her exhibit tour in Italy, Epp Maria Kokamägi has chosen 28 pieces that represent an overview of her work from 2009-2012. The eight newest works were painted by Kokamägi in January of this year specifically for the Italy tour.

Epp Maria Kokamägi herself says that organising an exhibit in Italy has been her dream since she was young, and she is very happy that the dream is now coming true.

The opening of Kokamägi’s exhibit in Genoa on 28 February is one part of the Estonian Independence Day events organised by Estonia’s honorary consulate there. The exhibit was organised by the Estonian Embassy in Rome together with the honorary consulate in Genoa, and the event is taking place in the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

During the year the exhibit will move from Genoa to Milan, Florence, Cagliari, Bari, and Venice.

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