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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: Estonian Experts Participating in Civil Missions Are World Class


No. 62-E

When thanking the Estonian experts that have participated in civil missions today, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that their contribution is greatly appreciated both in Estonia and abroad. “The knowledge and skills of Estonian experts are greatly appreciated and needed in various locations around the world. Thanks to the work of these participants in civil missions, Estonia is known as an effective and functional country that is ready to reach a helping hand to others,” said Paet.

The foreign minister stated that since the restoration of its independence, Estonia has sent over a hundred people to civil missions. “Currently there are 19 experts that have been sent by the state to participate in civil missions, and in the future we would like to make an even bigger contribution in this area,” he stated.

In his speech at the appreciation event, the foreign minister also emphasised that Estonia’s security and well-being are not confined within our borders and are dependent on the constantly changing world. “Therefore it is in Estonia’s interests to ensure peace and security and reach a helping hand to the places that need us most – both in Europe and beyond,” he said.

Paet noted that managing conflicts and aiding victims of natural or man-made disasters today frequently requires non-military intervention. “By helping countries in need maintain a police force, border guard, and other essential functions, promote the principles of democracy and rule of law as well as adherence to human rights and basic freedoms, and restore a normal way of life for society, we are also helping to ensure Estonia’s security,” he emphasised.

The foreign minister highlighted good co-operation with the Ministry of the Interior, Police and Border Guard Board, Academy of Security Sciences, Tax and Customs Board, and State Prosecutor’s Office. “Sending Estonian experts to missions is made possible through the co-operation of all these institutions,” he stated.

Today’s appreciation event was held to recognise those who participated in the European Union Police Mission and NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan, the European Union Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union Monitoring Mission and OSCE mission in Georgia, experts who worked in the office of the European Union Special Representative to the Southern Caucasus, and participants in the European Union Rule of Law Mission and OSCE mission in Kosovo, OSCE mission in Kyrgyzstan, OSCE mission in Skopje, European Commission Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine, the OSCE mission in Serbia, and the humanitarian aid mission to Pakistan.


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