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Estonia Established Diplomatic Relations with Lesotho


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While establishing diplomatic ties in New York together with Foreign Minister of Lesotho Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that Estonia is prepared to share its experiences with developing the information technology sector with Lesotho. “Our goal is to train experts in partner countries who can then continue developing solutions to use in their own countries,” said Paet. “Estonia’s experiences with building up national databases, developing data protection, and establishing various e-solutions could be of interest to Lesotho.”

Paet also spoke with Tsekoa about co-operation in the UN and reciprocally supporting one another’s candidatures. The foreign minister of Lesotho confirmed his country’s support for Estonia’s candidature to be selected a member of the UN Security Council on 12 November.

The foreign ministers also talked about appointing honorary consuls to each other’s countries, as well as the European Union’s co-operation with African countries.

Lesotho is an enclave bordered on all sides by the Republic of South Africa. Lesotho was a British protectorate as of 1865 and declared its independence in 1966. Of the population of 2 million, 99.7% define themselves ethnically as Basotho.

At his meeting with his New Zealand colleague Murray McCully, the foreign ministers discussed co-operation in the UN, reciprocally supporting one another’s candidatures, and regional groups in the UN. “We hope to have New Zealand’s support for Estonia’s candidature at the elections for the Human Rights Council on 12 November in New York,” Paet stated.

Paet said that Estonia has appointed Andres Unga the new Estonian ambassador to New Zealand, residing in Tallinn. “We feel it is important to continue holding political consultations with New Zealand, like the ones that took place in 2010,” he added.

Paet and McCully also spoke about co-operation between the European Union and New Zealand in accordance with the framework agreement as well as NATO’s co-operation with similarly-minded countries.

At his meeting in New York with his colleague from Cape Verde Jorge Borges, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet discussed future co-operation opportunities in the information technology sector. “We welcome a delegation from Cape Verde to come to Tallinn to get better acquainted with our e-state activities,” said Paet. “Among African countries we are already co-operating in the e-state sector with Tunisia and Egypt, as well as Zambia,” he added.

Paet and Borges also discussed co-operation in the UN and supporting one another’s candidatures in international organisations.




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