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Estonian Diplomat to Begin Work at Portuguese Embassy in Brazil in Spring


No 20-E

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Portuguese Foreign Minister Paulo Portas signed an agreement in Santiago stating that an Estonian diplomat would begin working at the Portuguese Embassy in Brazil this sprint.

“This agreement is a good example of EU co-operation among the foreign services of various countries. The goal of sending an Estonian diplomat to the Portuguese Embassy is to prepare for the opening of our own embassy in Brazil,” Paet stated. Estonia currently has honorary consuls in three areas of Brazil.

Paet said that similar agreements have been concluded prior to the opening of our embassies in Tel Aviv and Cairo. “In Tel Aviv our diplomat began making preparations for the opening of our embassy while working, in accordance with a similar agreement, at the Dutch Embassy,” Paet noted. “In Cairo our diplomat had the same assignment while working at the Swedish Embassy.”


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