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Estonia Supports the Education of Belarusian Youth



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the Vilnius-based European Humanities University in order to contribute to the educational opportunities of Belarusian youth and the development of civil society.

According to Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, it is important that young people from Belarus be guaranteed an opportunity to live and study in an open society. “The European Humanities University in Vilnius provides Belarusian students who might otherwise be denied an education because of their political views with the chance to obtain it among their peers,” said Paet. “Focused and enduring support and the experience of an open society fosters the development of Belarusian civil society,” he added.

The European Humanities University operates as an accredited educational institution in Vilnius after the Belarusian authorities shut the school down in Minsk in 2004. The school had functioned in Minsk since 1992, and its activity had been supported by international philanthropic foundations. The European Humanities University offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level studies. The university has eight departments and it is possible to study, among other things, philosophy, theology, political science, psychology, international law, economics, art history and theory, international cultural tourism, and information technology.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the educational opportunities of Belarusian youth through the European Humanities Trust Fund, which was created in 2008, with 15,000 euros. The activities of the foundation are managed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.   





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