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René Eespere’s Works Were Performed in Moscow and St. Petersburg


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On Thursday, 10 October a concert of the works of René Eespere took place at the Embassy of Estonia in Moscow.

According to the Estonian embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission Lauri Kuusing, it is a great honour for the embassy to be able to present contemporary Estonian music through the works of one of its most important composers. The concert was especially pleasant because of the maestro’s presence, his explanations of the works, and the opportunity to socialize with the composer immediately after the performance.

Composer René Eespere is celebrating his 60th birthday with concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the best of his abundant works can be heard. On 11 October a concert took place in Moscow’s House of the Composers and on 12 October, in St.John’s Church in St. Petersburg.

“Modus Vivendi”, “Reditus”, “Epigramm V”, “Matbeth”, “Kolmnurga”, “4 ostianto”, “Epigramm VI”, “Trivium”, and “Febrarium” were performed.

The music was played by: Aurelia Eespere (soprano), Neeme Punder (flute), Ivi Ots (violin), Marius Järvi (cello), Margus Uus (cello), Tiit Peterson (guitar), Tarmo Eespere (piano) and Rene Eespere (piano).

Photos of the concert:



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