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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: Estonia and Russia Want to Intensify Anti-Narcotics Cooperation


In a meeting today in Tallinn with the Russian Federation’s Federal Service for Drug Control Director Viktor Ivanov, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking is in the interest of not only Estonia but the entire European Union.

According to Paet, the narcotics trade, which originates in Latin America, Central Asia, and Afghanistan, is one of the major threats to both Russia and the member states of the European Union. “Advancing cooperation between the states in the region is very important for solving the problem,” said Paet. He also stressed the importance of cooperation between Estonian and Russian authorities for ensuring border control and preventing cross-border drug trafficking.

At a high-level meeting this past April, the European Union and Russia signed an agreement about drug precursors and substances frequently used in the illicit manufacture of drugs. “This step strengthens mutual cooperation and also simplifies the exchange of information regarding questions associated with combating the narcotics trade,” noted Foreign Minister Paet.

Paet says that the European Union actively contributes to combating the narcotics trade in Central Asia and Afghanistan. “It is important to deal with the reasons for the problem – farmers need to be given an alternative to producing narcotics, one that provides them with enough income,” stated Paet.

Photos of the meeting:


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