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Estonian Christmas Market in London Bigger than Ever Before


For the first time, the Estonian Guild in London is participating in the large Scandinavian Christmas Market with Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland.

According to Anneli Kimber, who is one of the leaders of the Estonian Guild, Estonia’s participation in the Scandinavian Christmas Market is a good opportunity to introduce Estonia and Estonian products in London and also to sell Christmas goods to the Estonian community.
“Of course, primarily we want to delight Estonians with a bit of Christmas from back home,” said Anneli Kimber. “At the same time, taking part in the Scandinavian Christmas market helps to solidify the image of Estonia as a Nordic country and display our companies’ exciting products,” she added.

The Christmas market’s organiser Liina Särkinen noted that this year’s product selections are a combination of traditional Christmas products goods as well as new and distinctive items. “We not only have sauerkraut, blood sausage, and lingonberry jam, which Estonians always have on the Christmas table, but also beautiful handicrafts, consumer goods with the national colours, and, for example, bags fashioned from old fire hoses,” said Liina Särkinen.

The Scandinavian Christmas Market has been organised in London for four years already. It grew out of a joint Christmas market hosted by Finnish and Norwegian churches and now takes place both inside the churches and on the street between them. The market is full of Scandinavian Christmas products, designs, handicraft, textiles, clothes, and good Nordic food. Last year, nearly 20,000 people visited the market and this year at least as many visitors are expected.

Estonia’s exhibition at the Scandinavian Christmas Market is supported by the Embassy of Estonia in London, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, Enterprise Estonia, and Estonia’s display was composed by designer Helen Sirp.

The Estonian Guild in London is a growing network and a vibrant community linking Estonians living and working in the United Kingdom. Its prime objective is to encourage contacts and share information and ideas about Estonia, Estonians and their activities through the medium of organised events and functions.

Photos of the Christmas market:

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