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Japan-Estonia Parliamentary Group Was Established in Tokyo


On Wednesday, 27 November, the Japan-Estonia parliamentary group restarted its activities in the bicameral Japanese National Diet. At today’s general meeting, Yoshitada Kounoike was elected to as chairman, Takuya Hirai was elected as managing director, and Mineyuki Fukuda was elected as secretary-general of the Japan-Estonia parliamentary group. Hirofumi Nakasone, Sadakazu Tanigaki, Takeo Kawamura, Takeshi Maeda, Ichita Yamamoto, Kazunori Tanaka, Taro Kono, lisaks Michiyo Takagi, Yasuhiko Wakai, Toshiaki Okuma, Takako Suzuki and Jiro Akama also belong to the leadership of the 33-member parliamentary group.

Secretary-General Mineyuki Fukuda expressed contentment that the members of the Japan-Estonia parliamentary group come from different parties and from both houses of the Diet. Ambassador of Estonia to Japan Toivo Tasa gave a welcoming greeting at the meeting.
The parliamentary group was first formed in 1996. The group’s activity came to a standstill in 2009-2010, when a large proportion of its members left the group as a result of the parliamentary elections. However, the ties between the Estonian and Japanese parliaments remained active. A series of reciprocal visits and discussions took place.

Parliamentary groups in the Riigkogu have been consistently active since 1996 as well.



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