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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet Signed a Cyber Partnership Statement with US Secretary of State John Kerry


Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and US Secretary of State John Kerry signed the Estonia-US Cyber Partnership Statement today in Brussels.

Estonia’s security is better than ever before, according to the Estonian Foreign Minister, and this is largely thanks to US support. “We continue to want the deepening of bilateral cooperation with the United States,” he stated.

Foreign Minister Paet asserted that international cooperation is very important in the cyber field. “A good example of this is the partnership statement that will be signed today, which will take Estonia-US cyber cooperation to a new level,” he said. “We both base our positions on the principle that the internet must remain a secure and free environment at the same time,” emphasised Paet. He added that, in addition to digital development, it is also very important to pay attention to the security of applications because the broad use of e-solutions also makes us more vulnerable. “Cyber security is not only necessary for national security, but also to protect the rights of citizens,” said Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet.

The partnership statement that was signed by the foreign ministers provides a firm framework for supplementary bilateral activity as well as cooperation in international organisations. “The cyber topic is global and affects every country and every field of activity. Together, we want to advance internet freedom and e-governance in the world,” remarked the Estonian Foreign Minister.

Paet asserted that cyber cooperation between Estonia and the United States has been very close thus far. “Both Estonia and the United States belong to the Freedom Online Coalition, which is a group of states that cooperate to advance internet freedom,” said Paet. Next spring, as the current chairman of the Freedom Online Coalition, Estonia will organise the coalition’s annual conference “Free and Secure Internet for All”. Estonia and the US also have close cyber cooperation within the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, which is located in Tallinn.


Estonia-US Cyber Partnership Statement:


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