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Foreign minister Urmas Paet: new conflicts should not take our attention from other ongoing tragic crises


Foreign minister Urmas Paet said today in Athens, at the meeting of European Union foreign ministers, that new conflicts will not be allowed to overshadow earlier crises. There is an ongoing, extremely tragic situation in Syria, which requires thorough international attention.

"In Syria there has not been much success in granting humanitarian organisations access to those that need help. Hundreds of thousands of people are without aid. It has so far not been possible to come closer to a political solution to the conflict in Syria. Also, the effects of the conflict on neighbouring countries - particularly Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq - are still great," Paet said. "Despite the resolution concerning humanitarian passage adopted by the UN Security Council in the end of February, the humanitarian situation has not improved and the violence in Syria has even increased," he added.

According to Paet, the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria has however seen some progress. "Slightly more than half of the Syrian chemical weapon stockpiles have been destroyed or removed from the country," he said. The deadline for the destruction of chemical weapons is June 30.

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