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Estonia to Help Children Caught in Turmoil in Southern Sudan


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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that Estonia is donating 900 000 kroons (57 500 EUR) through UNICEF to help alleviate the situation of civilians suffering in the turmoil taking place in Southern Sudan, particularly children.

Sudan continues to be classified by the UN as one of the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe areas. Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that as a result of the domestic conflict that has gone on for years in Sudan, a million people have lost their lives or been forced to leave their homes. “The goal of UNICEF’s activities is to help more than two million people in need,” stated Paet.

According to the assessments of the UN and other international organisations, the situation in Sudan could become even more unstable as a result of the independence referendum scheduled for 9 January of next year and humanitarian needs there could grow exponentially. “In the past year, hundreds of thousand of Southern Sudanese refugees have started returning to their homes in response to an appeal by the government, and in light of the Southern Sudan independence referendum this number could increase even more,” said Paet. “In many regions of Sudan there is a tremendous need for humanitarian aid due to domestic conflicts and difficult natural conditions, especially in Southern Sudan and in Darfur in the western part of the country,” he added.

The UN high commissioner for humanitarian affairs estimates that the amount of aid needed to respond to November’s appeal and in order to react to the worsening situation and emergency situations is 19.1 million euros in Southern Sudan, a total of 28.8 million euros for all of Sudan. The greatest need is for food aid and drinking water. The UN estimates that 4.3 million people are in need of food aid, which is nearly half of the population of Southern Sudan.

Estonia has supported aid for the humanitarian situation in Sudan since 2004.

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