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EU Foreign Ministers Stress International Pressure for Ending Civil War and Gadhafi’s Reign in Libya


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At their meeting today in Brussels, the European Union foreign ministers confirmed that international pressure against the Gadhafi regime in Libya should continue in an attempt to end the civil war and have Gadhafi resign from power.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that it is extremely important for all nations to adhere to the sanctions against Libya that were imposed by the UN. “The Estonian government also joined the sanctions today. It is especially important that the arms embargo on Libya become effective in practice. This will require tighter controls on the Mediterranean, so that ships carrying arms cargo cannot reach the Libyan ports,” he added.

Paet stated that all the European Union states agree that Gadhafi must resign from power and the violence of the civil war must end. “For this to happen we need continuous international consensus, including when it comes to discussions on a potential no-fly zone over Libyan airspace,” he stated.

It is also essential to help refugees and get humanitarian aid to those in need as quickly as possible. Paet stated that according to various reports there are as many as two million people in Libya waiting to get into Egypt. “In order to keep the wave of immigrants at bay, we must help people as effectively as possible in Libya and in the neighbouring countries, Tunisia and Egypt. We also need to strengthen the EU Border Management Agency,” he added.

Estonia supports the International Criminal Court’s decision to begin a criminal investigation regarding the possible crimes against humanity that have taken place in Libya. “We feel it is essential that the UN Human Rights Council continues to monitor the situation,” said Paet. “It is also important that the UN Human Rights Council carry out its decision to create an impartial international commission, whose goal would be to investigate human rights violations in Libya and make recommendations to ensure that their perpetrators are held accountable.”

The Estonian foreign minister stated that in order to resolve the Libya crisis the European Union and NATO must co-operate closely with each other as well as with the African Union and the Arab League.

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