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Estonia Established Diplomatic Relations with Tuvalu and Solomon Islands


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On Wednesday, 25 May, Estonian Ambassador to the UN Margus Kolga signed joint communiqués with Ambassador of Solomon Islands to the UN Collin D. Beck and Ambassador of Tuvalu to the UN Afelee F. Pita, with which diplomatic relations were established between Estonia and Solomon Islands as well as Estonia and Tuvalu.

After establishing diplomatic relations, the ambassadors spoke about co-operation opportunities between the European Union and Pacific nations as well as development co-operation. The ambassadors introduced their respective countries’ interests within the UN. They also addressed climate change, including the concerns of Pacific island nations regarding the rising ocean level and the consequent flood risk in island countries.

Solomon Islands is an island nation of the Oceania region located in Melanesia, which consists of about a thousand islands. Its surface area is 27 556 km2 and the population is around 539 000. The country’s capital is Honiara and the official language is English. Solomon Islands gained its independence in 1978.

Tuvalu is an island nation in Polynesia, located to the east of Solomon Islands. Its surface area is 26 km2 and the country has over 11 000 inhabitants. The country’s capital is Funafuti and the official languages are Tuvaluan and English. Tuvalu was known as the Ellice Islands until 1975 and was a British colony until 1978.

Photos from the establishing of diplomatic relations with Tuvalu and Solomon Islands:



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