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Foreign Ministers of Estonia and Slovakia discuss upcoming NATO summit


At their meeting in Bratislava, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcák of the new government of the Slovak Republic said that both Estonia and Slovakia consider the results of the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago concerning security developments in Europe and America as well as the future of Afghanistan to be very important.
According to Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, Slovakia has been of great help for Estonia in India. “The Estonian Embassy in New Delhi is being accommodated in the Embassy of Slovak Republic until it arranges its own premises. We are very grateful for Slovakia’s support to our Embassy in India,“ Foreign Minister Paet said.

Foreign Minister Paet also expressed hope that the activity of the Estonian honorary consul will help strengthen mutual economic relations. Estonia opened its first honorary consulate in Slovakia last November.

The Foreign Ministers of Estonia and Slovakia spoke about the NATO summit in May in Chicago where the role of NATO in Afghanistan after 2014 will be discussed. “Estonia is ready to provide its contribution to support the development of Afghan society. Afghanistan will also be a development cooperation priority for Estonia after 2014,“ said Paet.

Paet and Lajcák also found it important to highlight the field of cyber defence at the NATO summit. “We wish that the NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence would be given a larger role in implementing the cyber defence objectives of NATO,“ added Foreign Minister Paet. Slovakia is one of the founding countries of the NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.
Estonia and Slovakia are strong supporters of the enlargement of the European Union. “We are satisfied with the developments of Iceland and Serbia towards accession to the European Union, and we hope to see progress with Macedonia and Turkey,“ said Foreign Minister Paet. In June of this year, negotiations for accession to the European Union should begin with Montenegro to discuss the conditions and issues regarding EU accession.

When discussing the Eastern Partnership topics, Paet and Lajcák considered cooperation with Ukraine and other Eastern Partnership countries as important. “As with Slovakia, we support giving a European Union perspective to these countries,“ said Paet.

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