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Estonian Embassy in Helsinki to Present Seppo Zetterberg’s New Work “Kulttuuria ja kumouspuuhia”


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On Thursday, 11 April, Finnish historian and acclaimed researcher of Estonian history Seppo Zetterberg’s new book “Kulttuuria ja kumouspuuhia” will be presented at the Estonian Embassy in Helsinki.

The book is about Estonians that were active in Helsinki in the beginning of the 20th century, several of whom were later part of independent Estonia’s cultural elite or political leadership. Those who studied in Helsinki include Oskar Kallas, who became Estonia’s first ambassador to Finland, Hella Murrik (Wuolijoki), who was later an author and Finnish social figure, and the poet Gustav Suits. Working in Helsinki from time to time were also writer Friedebert Tuglas, journalist and author Eduard Vilde, future heads of state of Estonia Otto Strandman, Konstantin Päts and Jaan Teemant, the founder of social democracy in Estonia Mihkel Martna, violinist Eduard Sõrmus, and painter Konrad Mägi. The book paints an interesting picture of the activities and the various stages of development of the Estonian community in Helsinki at the start of the 20th century.

Seppo Zetterberg is a historian, professor emeritus of general history at Jyväskylä University, and member of the Academy of Finland. From 1994-1996 he was the director of the Finnish Institute in Estonia. Seppo Zetterberg’s 2007 work “Viron histooria” is an anthology on the history of Estonia from the Ice Age until the present day. The Finnish Friends of History Association selected it the history book of the year and it was a candidate for one of the most recognised non-fiction literature prizes in Finland, Tieto-Finlandia. The work was published in Estonian in September of 2009.

Seppo Zetterberg’s new work “Kulttuuria ja kumousouuhia” will be published in Estonian at the end of this year by the publisher Tänapäev.

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