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Estonia is ready to continue supporting Afghanistan following the conclusion of the ISAF mission


While meeting in Brussels, foreign ministers of the countries participating in the NATO-led ISAF operation called on Afghan authorities to sign the agreements enabling the NATO-led training and support mission to be launched after the end of the ISAF operation this year. “NATO cannot move ahead with planning the follow-up mission until the legal basis is in place. When the agreements have been signed, Estonia is prepared to contribute to the NATO-led mission beyond 2014,” the foreign minister said.

“Afghanistan’s armed forces have made progress in reinforcing security in the country. Launching training and the support mission in 2015 will give the international community confidence for continued support,” Paet said.
Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai has refused to sign the bilateral security agreement with the U.S. and the NATO Status of Forces Agreement. The agreements would confirm that international personnel taking part in the NATO-led mission would be guaranteed their determined rights and obligations for conducting the mission.

Foreign minister Peat reaffirmed that Estonian troops will continue to participate in the ISAF mission until mid-2014. “We will support Afghanistan during its election period,” the foreign minister emphasized.

The first round of Afghanistan's presidential and local government elections will be held this Saturday, April 5. Hamid Karzai, who has been president since 2001 will not participate in the elections, since he has earned the maximum two terms as defined by the Constitution. Conducting the elections in a peaceful and transparent manner is central to ensuring the continued broad support of the international community after the end of the ISAF mission in 2014.

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