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In terms of Europe's relations with the United States, Estonia considers security issues to be of greatest importance


While speaking about the EU's strategic partners at the European Union foreign ministers meeting in Athens, foreign minister Urmas Paet said, that in terms of its relations with the United States, Estonia considers security issues to be the most important. "We consider the improvement of European Union-U.S. cooperation in both foreign and security policy issues to be of great importance," Paet said. He added that the EU's cooperation with the U.S. in resolving the Ukraine conflict is also extremely important.

Due to the changing security situation in Europe, the strengthening of strategic partnership aimed at EU-NATO practical cooperation is extremely important, according to Paet. "The promotion of energy security is also a key issue," he added.

Paet confirmed that the most important topic in transatlantic relations is the signing of the EU-U.S. free trade agreement. "If the negotiations are successful, it would significantly increase the potential for economic growth of both the EU and U.S., and the world's largest free trade zone would be formed, which would in turn begin to shape the character of the entire global economy," the Estonian foreign minister said.

According to more optimistic forecasts, the parties could sign the agreement as early as the end of 2014.

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