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Foreign Minister Mikser: international crises to affect Estonia more directly


Foreign Minister Sven Mikser emphasised in his speech at the conference “Security of Economy 2016” that Estonia sees its security as part of international security and developments stemming from globalisation and international crises have started to affect Estonia more directly.

“The current security environment is characterised by anxiety. Dangers and risks that have emerged from globalisation are present and their impact has become more intense at times,” Foreign Minister said. He acknowledged that over the recent decades the sources of threat have become more diverse. “Dangers related to advanced technology, cyberspace, uncertainty in the business environment, radicalisation and terrorism, organised crime and refugee flows are having an increasingly evident impact on security situation” Mikser said.

According to the Foreign Minister, economy is one of the ingredients of Estonian security policy. “Estonian economy is closely connected to the world economy. Therefore, the global trends, including economic crises and unstable foreign markets have a significant impact on the country,” Mikser emphasised. “Undoubtedly, the uncertainty in global economy makes the international security environment more complicated and reduces the capability of countries and international organisations to respond to threats,” he added.

Foreign Minister welcomed the fact that Estonia has a stable, simple and innovative legal system for entrepreneurship. “It increases the competitiveness of economy, makes the business environment more attractive, thereby also increasing the risk security. For the security of economy, it is important that the state guarantees a stable financial system, transparency and reliability, he added.

The conference “Security of Economy 2016” gathers experts and opinion leaders in the area both from the private and public sector to discuss important and topical issues in economic security in Estonia and at international level. More information:  



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