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Mikser on the Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty: it is essential to know one’s values and remain true to them


Foreign Minister Sven Mikser emphasised on the Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty the importance of it in gaining Estonia’s independence. “The Tartu Peace Treaty was the first and fundamental major achievement of the diplomacy of the young Republic of Estonia. That step, which turned out to be vital for the foundation and reinforcement of Estonian independence, was based on the correct evaluation of realistic circumstances and the international state of affairs. The same prerequisites for successful diplomacy apply today,” Mikser said.

Mikser reaffirmed that notwithstanding the political situation and the enormity of the problems that we face, Estonian diplomacy is committed to securing and safeguarding peace day after day. “We live in volatile times that are hard to predict. In a situation where the opposition of values is ever more pronounced, it is essential to know one’s values, remain true to them and protect them as much as possible. An international rule-based and value-based order is vitally important, especially for small countries. This rang true in the days of the Tartu Peace Treaty, and it rings true today,” the Foreign Minister said.

Foreign Minister Mikser noted that we often fail to cherish the importance of peace until relationships between countries become difficult and we find ourselves living in unpredictable times. “The situation in Eastern Ukraine, Syria and other conflict zones serves as a reminder to us that peace can never be taken for granted. Peace and stability require work, effort, harmony and often surpassing oneself, but first and foremost a belief that peace is possible,” he said.

In the morning, Foreign Minister Mikser lit candles on the grave of Jaan Poska and laid a wreath at the War of Independence Victory Column. In the evening, Foreign Minister Sven Mikser will give a speech at the celebration of the 97th Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty at the Estonia Concert Hall.


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