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European Union Ready for New Sanctions Against Iran


No. 386-E

The European Union’s concern over Iran’s nuclear programme is growing and the union condemns the attack on the Embassy of Great Britain in Tehran.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the implementation of the agreement to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Iran published in November contains evidence indicating that Iran’s nuclear program could have a military dimension. “Of particular concern is the IAEA’s conclusion that Iran has systematically attempted to create nuclear warheads and has not ended its secret nuclear programme,” Paet noted.

“In connection with this, Estonia is ready to support the increase of sanctions to extend to companies and individuals with ties to the nuclear programme and its possible military dimension,” he asserted. “We support expanding these measures to the banking, transport, and energy sectors and to members of the Revolutionary Guard, and we first and above all we hope to find a diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear issue,” stated Paet.

Paet stated that the European Union recognises Iran’s right to a peaceful nuclear programme and would like to find a solution that would restore international trust in Iran’s nuclear activities. “We would like for Iran to resume negotiations that would lead to a diplomatic solution,” he said. “Iran must co-operate with the IAEA completely and unconditionally, recognise and fulfil the obligations of the agreement to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and fulfil the requirements set by resolutions of the UN Security Council and the board of the IAEA,” he added.

The European Union foreign ministers also protested strongly again Iran not fulfilling its international obligation to protect the diplomats and diplomatic representations of foreign countries. “An attack on the embassy of one European Union member state – that of Great Britain – is an attack on the whole EU,” Paet asserted.

Estonia issued a statement on 29 November in which it condemned the attack on the British Embassy in Tehran by Iranian protestors.

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