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Support for European Union’s Common Sales Law Growing


No. 413-E

At the Justice Affairs Council held today, Estonia’s Ambassador to the EU Matti Maasikas said that we consider it very positive that more and more European Union member states have started supporting the creation of a common European Union sales law.

Estonia feels that the effect of this initiative on developing the European Union internal market must not be underestimated, especially in the conditions of the current economic crisis, Maasikas noted. He stated that other member states have also started to see the positive aspects of the common sales law and that we should proceed with the draft bill. “A common sales law is one of Estonia’s priorities and we invite everyone to join in constructive and practical co-operation,” he added.

The goal of the law is to equalise the functioning of the internal market and remove obstacles to cross-border trading that stem from different contract laws in various member states. The approval of the draft bill would reduce the administrative burden for businesses because it would not longer be necessary know the nuances of every member state’s contract law, and as a result the consumer could expect a wider range of goods and services and hopefully also lower prices. Estonia feels that a common European sales law would definitely be one of the pillars of the digital internal market being created.

The Justice Council also approved a regulation for the common treatment of successions as well as the European Investigation Order and a directive to improve victims’ rights. The goal of the succession regulation is to simplify the processing and disputing of successions, the Investigation Order will simplify work for obtaining evidence for investigations from other member states, and the directive to improve victims’ rights will apply minimum European standards in order to improve the rights, support and protection and victims.

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