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Estonia Contributes to Energy Security of Baltic Sea States


Nr 26-E

At the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) in Plön, Germany, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet discussed the inclusion of Kaliningrad and other Russian parts of the Baltic Sea region in the activities of the CBSS as well as energy security matters.

Estonia supports modernising the Kaliningrad region within the framework of the activities of the Council of the Baltic Sea States and considers it very important that this be addressed separately from other Baltic co-operation. “There are parts of Western Russia that are in a similar position to Kaliningrad – such as Leningrad and Pskov oblast – that also require the attention of the CBSS,” stated Paet. He added that the modernisation partnership would not be limited to economic and technology-related co-operation, but could also include the development of democratic rule of law.

While discussing energy issues, the foreign ministers of the Baltic Sea states addressed energy security as well as re-organising the energy market. Paet stated that energy security can be increased through diversifying connections and supply sources. “In order to ensure energy security we co-operate closely with our close neighbours and also on the EU level. We have successfully developed the electricity market in the Baltic Sea region and have created and will continue to create new connections, as a result of which a functioning Baltic electricity ring should be in place by 2015. We would also like to improve existing connections between Estonia and Latvia and between Lithuania and Poland,” he added. Paet emphasised that renewable energy also plays an important role in ensuring energy security.

In discussing environmental protection and nuclear safety, Paet noted that both existing nuclear energy plants and the one scheduled to be built must adhere strictly to nuclear safety requirements.

Changes in the gas market were also discussed. Foreign Minister Paet stated that the rearrangement of the gas market is necessary for ensuring competitiveness.

The Council of the Baltic Sea States is celebrating its 20th year of activity this year. For additional information on the Council of the Baltic Sea States:

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