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Foreign Ministry Coming Events: 10− 16 December 2012


10.12 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet will participate in a meeting of the European Union foreign ministers in Brussels. The foreign ministers will discuss the Western Balkans from the viewpoint of EU enlargement, recent development in Syria and Ukraine, the situations in Libya and Egypt, and developments tied to the Middle East peace process. The ministers will also discuss European Union-Russia relations ahead of the EU-Russia summit taking place in December, talk about co-operation between the EU and the USA in the next few years, and address developments related to Iran’s nuclear programme.

10.12 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet will meet in Brussels with the foreign ministers of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Latvia and Lithuania. Topics to be discussed are co-operation among embassies and consular co-operation among the Baltic and Benelux countries. They will also discuss opportunities to develop co-operation with Moldova and talk about the situations in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, they will address matters related to the European External Action Service.

10.12 A briefing will take place at the Foreign Ministry for all embassy consular officials accredited to Estonia, during which the Foreign Ministry will give an overview of the work of the consular department and the main changes that have been made in the consular sector.

10-13.12 An Estonian delegation will participate in a session of the Task Force for International Co-operation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research (ITF) in Liege, Belgium. The delegation will be led by Estonian Ambassador to Israel Malle Talvet-Mustonen.

11.12 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet will participate in the EU General Affairs Council in Brussels. Conclusions on European Union enlargement and the stabilisation and association process will be approved, changes to the statues of the European Union Court, including an increase in the number of judges in the Court of Justice, will be addressed, and preparations will be made for the December meeting of the European Council. The European Commission will also present its annual analysis of economic growth and confirm the 18-month working programme of the next EU presidency troika of Ireland, Lithuania and Greece.

11.12 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet will meet in Brussels with Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Suzana Grubjesic.

11-12.12 The film “Lotte and the Moonstone Secret” will be screened in Turkey.

The European Union delegation in Turkey has organised a film festival in Turkey from 10-12 December, which this year is dedicated to human rights. A total of 11 countries are participating in the film festival and one film, which will be shown in popular cinemas in Turkey’s ten biggest cities, is the Estonian full-length animated film “Lotte and the Moonstone Secret”, which has been dubbed in Turkish for the occasion. The screenings of the film are free. Participation in the festival is a good opportunity to introduce Estonian animated films in Turkey. In addition, through the event we can address the importance of human rights in Estonia’s foreign policy, which is particularly important since we will soon be a member of the UN Human Rights Council.
More information on the films and the festival schedule can be found here:

12.12 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet will be in Morocco at a foreign ministers’ meeting on the topic of Syria, where he will give a speech on behalf of the Nordic and Baltic countries. At the meeting, support will be expressed for the Syrian National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces formed in November and encouragement will be given for the coalition to move forward with political processes, bringing together Syrian forces that wish to find a solution while respecting basic rights and freedoms and doing everything possible to end the violence. The Friends of Syria group is meeting for the fourth time. The first meeting took place in February in Tunisia, the second in April in Istanbul, and the third in July in Paris.

12.12 Credentials will be presented to President Toomas Hendrik Ilves by Ambassador of the Republic of Italy Marco Clemente, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Jadranka Kalmeta, Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Enrique Orta González, and Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia Krešimir Kopčić

13.12 A foreign trade roundtable will take place in the Foreign Ministry, during which an overview will be given of relevant topics in European Union trade policy and the interests and problems of Estonian companies in foreign markets will be discussed. Co-operation partners from various companies, professional associations and institutions have been invited to attend, as well as experts from other ministries.

13-16.12 Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian cultural days will take place in Rome, along with a charity Christmas party in the famous Villa Giulia and its gardens in the centre of Rome. The “Party of Light” event dedicated to the culture and Christmas traditions of the Baltic countries will last four days. Within the framework of the event, a Christmas market with handicrafts and natural products will take place and performances and concerts introducing the culture of Baltic countries will take place. Christmas poems and stories from the Baltic countries will also be read. The Etruscan museum and gardens of the Villa Giulia will be open free of charge to all visitors during the event.

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