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Estonia Condemns North Korean Nuclear Testing


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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that Estonia strongly condemns North Korea’s nuclear tests. “North Korea should refrain from further provocations and start fulfilling the requirements set out in the UN Security Council resolutions 1718, 1874 and 2087. Today’s test was irresponsible. It undermines the fragile stability of the region. The peace and stability of the region are in the interest of the international community as a whole,” said Foreign Minister Paet.

Estonia remains also concerned about the violation of human rights and the poor humanitarian situation in North Korea. “The actions by the leadership of North Korea are reckless also with regard to the citizens of the country and their well-being. The money spent on the tests by the leaders of North Korea could be spent on supplying food for North-Koreans instead,” said Paet.

North Korea carried out its third nuclear test in the region of Pung-Gye-ri on the morning of 12 February. The two previous nuclear tests were carried out in 2006 and 2009.

On 12 December 2012 North Korea launched a test missile - an act that was also sharply condemned by the international community. In his statement issued on 8 December 2012 about the planned test, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet pointed out that such actions would be a violation of international law and make it more difficult to find a peaceful resolution to the nuclear issues in the region.

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