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Estonia Established Diplomatic Relations With Marshall Islands


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Today, 12 July, Estonian Ambassador to Japan Toivo Tasa and Ambassador of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to Japan Thomas Kijiner signed a joint communique establishing diplomatic relations between Estonia and the Marshall Islands in the Estonian Embassy in Tokyo.

After the signing ceremony, the ambassadors of Estonia and the Marshall Islands discussed bilateral relations, as well as the interests of countries in the European Union and in the Pacific region and opportunities for co-operation. Both Estonia and the Marshall Islands have achieved their current independence after enduring a difficult history.

Estonia and the Marshall Islands joined the UN on exactly the same day, 17 September 1991. Among other co-operation within the UN, they both participate in the work of the Forum of Small States.

Like Estonia, the Marshall Islands also feels it is important to promote tourism. This requires well-developed environmental protection and maintaining a balance with nature. “While in Estonia we must take into consideration the sensitivity of Nordic nature in general, in the Marshall Islands there is serious concern over the lack of fresh water. The uneven distribution of rainfall is associated with climate change, which is caused by very complicated circumstances,” said Ambassador Tasa. However, he felt certain that Estonians, who are interested in faraway lands and peoples, would be graciously welcomed at the Marshall Islands during any time of year.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean in Micronesia and is made up of 29 atolls and 5 separate islands. The total area of the country is 181.3 km2 and it has a population of 70 000, with 30 000 living in the capital Majuro. Citizens of the European Union can visit the islands without a visa.



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