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Estonian Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Väino Reinart in the UN Security Council: Afghanistan Has Made Important Progress in Recent Years


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In yesterday’s UN Security Council debate about Afghanistan, Estonian Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Väino Reinart expressed satisfaction that the transfer of security responsibilities from the allied forces to Afghanistan has progressed successfully thus far. “Even though there are still many challenges from a security perspective, Afghanistan has made important progress in recent years relative to the state’s overall level of development,” said Special Representative Reinart.

Reinart emphasized important developments such as the fact that Afghan security forces have taken over control in the entire country and that, at the level of local administrations, there has been progress not only in the degree of civilian responsibility but also in the process of reconciliation. “All of this is also significant in the context of the elections,” stressed Special Representative Reinart at the UN Security Council. “Let’s hope that the elections will be free and fair because that is an important condition for the continuation of international development assistance,” he added.

According to Reinart, the international community’s support to Afghanistan is necessary not only during the entire process of transition but also after 2014. “After the departure of allied forces, the Afghani security forces will continue to require training and consultation,” said Reinart. He also confirmed Estonia’s continued support to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is one of the priority countries for Estonia’s development cooperation and the primary fields of development assistance are education, healthcare, security, and good governance practices. “In our assistance projects, we have concentrated on those fields where we can provide the most value with our experiences and knowledge,” said Estonian Special Representative Väino Reinart. “In the domain of development cooperation in Afghanistan, Estonia considers it especially important to stand up for the rights of women and children,” he added. 


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