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Kyrgyzstan Wants to Learn About Estonia’s Parliamentary Democracy


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During his meeting in Rome with Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan Ruslan Kazakbayev said that Kyrgyzstan would like to learn about how to establish a parliamentary democracy and rule of law from Estonia as soon as possible.

Paet stated that Estonia is prepared to advise and help Kyrgyzstan so that the Central Asian state could carry out democratic reforms. “What is important here is Kyrgyzstan’s own strong interest in Estonia’s experiences regarding how to build up a parliamentary democracy and how coalition governments work. All of this is new to Kyrgyzstan, which is all the more reason for Estonia to lend a helping hand,” he added.

Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kazakbayev said that Kyrgyzstan is first and foremost interested in Estonia’s experiences with building up democratic institutions, organising parliamentary work, forming a free media space, battling corruption, and implementing economic reforms.

Paet confirmed that Estonia is ready to talk about this and that an agreement for the protection of investments could be signed in order to intensify economic relations. This year Estonia will open an embassy in Kazakhstan, which will also work on Estonia-Kyrgyzstan relations.

In talking about Kyrgyzstan’s relations with the European Union and NATO, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet mentioned the importance of closer co-operation in strengthening border controls and fighting the narcotics trade. “Co-operation with Central Asian countries is important, keeping in mind the transport of supplies to Afghanistan as well as the security situation in the region in general,” he asserted.

Paet and Kazakbayev also addressed the International Commission of Inquiry’s report on Kazakhstan, which examined matters related to the conflict that erupted in the southern part of the country last summer. In addition to financial support, Estonia also contributed one Estonian expert to the work of the commission.

Paet expressed hope that the proposals made in the report would help to prevent similar conflicts from erupting in the future and prevent impunity, as well as provide opportunities for reconciliation in society.

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